OLANO Madrid

Start of our seafood activities!

OLANO Madrid: start of our seafood activities!

November 2020

On Saturday November 21ˢᵗ 2020, the seafood operations started on our new platform in Madrid, after the relocation was carried out by our employees!

A big round of applause to our teams for their commitment!

The activity is currently handled on a dedicated seafood surface of 4000m² and 25 loading / unloading docks.

Our Madrid platform handles an average 4,000T/month. With the launching of this new platform, we are now able to process volumes of up to 7,000T/month and thus meet market demands for the next 10 years.

This new logistics platform also houses OLANO Centro and its 30-vehicle fleet since January 1ˢᵗ 2021.